Only Us (Feature Film)


A British psychological drama/thriller, Only Us is the story of Josh and Nathalie, a young couple who desperately want to leave their mundane and unfulfilling lives behind. When a disturbed and dangerous man from Josh’s past is released from prison after years behind bars, they are forced to put their dream of escaping into action by setting out on the open road. Their journey takes them the full length of the UK and eventually to Paris as they search for a new life together. But the fantasy is short-lived as they are pursued by a relentless enemy who is determined to make their lives a living hell.


A spec trailer for the film has been developed as a teaser and for the main production a small and dedicated core team would travel in the shoes of the characters as we create this unique and exciting film. Over a month we’ll take in landmarks both known and obscure, giving our film a British identity but also allowing it to translate across borders. We intend to work with actors cast in supporting roles along the way, thereby creating the sense of journey the story takes. Our production team are passionate for independent cinema that has the power to challenge and inspire. Only Us marks the latest collaboration between director Christopher Bevan of YSP Media and producer Belinda Basson of Dreamfusion Productions.